Preorder Trogdor!! The Board Game and Additional Add Ons-Estimated Shipping Date for everything below is June 2019. (All Wyrmwood Versions are Sold Out.)

Created by Homestar Runner & Harmless Junk, Inc.

Help the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor burninate the countryside in this cooperative game of burnination, majesty, and consummate V's!!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Meeple Video
10 months ago – Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 01:46:10 AM

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

Thanks for all the insane support! Keep telling everyone in the countryside about our game so we can hit our next goal of 15,000 backers!

Meeple Grove

In the meantime, we’ve made you a surprise video. These meeple designs were so adorbz, we couldn’t resists dropping them into a cartoon and barely animating them! 

We’re gonna be making random videos for you guys occasionally. This is the first, and we hope you all enjoy it. We’re also still working on the goal videos, so look out for those as well!

Keep on Burninating on, 

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

Surprise + Sixth Stretch Goal
10 months ago – Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 01:39:18 AM

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

Thank you for your continued support to help us bring this game to life. We’ve got a new stretch goal with some game additions, but first, a surprise.

A Totally Cool Surprise

Strong Bad has taken it upon himself to make 3 more Keepers of Trogdor cards and 3 more Item cards and is forcing them into the base game! These are the characters you play during the game along with their fanciful, pranciful enchanted items. Apparently, SB didn’t think there were enough in the deck, so he got out some loose leaf and masking tape and got to work. While we will keep his janky taped-up art styles intact, we reserve the right to tweak these in service of the game. Because by now you know our motto here at the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter. Chant it with us: All art and assets NOT final!

6th Stretch Goal: Alternate Trogdor Meeples

Our next stretch goal is a pretty exciting one. We’re adding alternate Trogdor meeples to the base game! These new meeples will be based on the first attempts to draw a dragon done by Coach Z, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and even Strong Bad (sorry Homsar, no dice).

You can use these meeples in the place of Trogdor whenever you play the game. Choose the dragon that speaks to your soul’s inner sanctum. They’ll be a free addition to the game and will come with every Kickstarter pledge. We will offer any left overs in our online store after the campaign, but they will be sold there rather than given. Help us get to 15,000 backers so we can bring these alt Trogdor meeples to life!

We hope you like these additions to the game! Keep supporting us and the fun will keep on coming.

Keep on Burninating on, 

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

Lucky Yates from Archer on Six-Sadded, Die
10 months ago – Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 09:57:39 PM

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

We’re currently working on our Six-Sadded, Die video stretch goal for you guys, but we have a surprise to tell you about.

Lucky Yates Collaboration

We’ve got a collaboration to announce! As you know our next goal is for Strong Sad to show you guys another review video from his online tabletop review show, Six-Sadded, Die. In order to make the video even more amazing, we’ve decided to collaborate with our pal Lucky Yates, the voice of Krieger from Archer. Help us get to 12,000 backers, and he’ll be making the video with Strong Sad himself. We hope you like it!

Some of Your Six-Sadded, Dice

Thank you guys for sending us some pictures of your dice from the files we provided you! Here are some of those so more of you can see how cool they are.

Thank you, DH!
Thank you, DH!
Thank you also, James! You managed to add extra sadness!
Thank you also, James! You managed to add extra sadness!

Keep these coming, and and tell us if you are somehow able to actually use this die in a real gaming scenario!

Keep on Burninating on, 

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

Six-Sadded, Die Video + New Stretch Goals
10 months ago – Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 11:12:35 PM

Hey you guys! We replaced some of our old stretch goals with a cool new upcoming video and game upgrades. We’ve also got a NEW stretch goal to announce, so check it out!

New Stretch Goal #3: Skills of An Artist Video

To replace the third stretch goal, we’re going to be doing a special video episode of Strong Bad’s “Skills of An Artist” series. Submit your suggestions in the comment section of this post, and Strong Bad will take one of the suggestions to draw in a special video for you guys. We’re looking at the suggestions in the main comments thread as well since that’s where we originally requested this. We love doing interactive stuff with you, and we know you love videos, so we hope you like this addition. We can’t wait to see your suggestions!

New Stretch Goal #4: Game Upgrade

In the place of stretch goal #4, we’re going to make changes to the cards and box. We’re now going to upgrade the quality even more to linen so they feel silky and luxurious right out of the box. In addition to that, we’ll be making some changes to the game box as well. In our first stretch goal, we added spot UV to the gameplay tiles. Now, we’re going to expand that enhanced burnination by adding spot UV to the box of the game too.

Stretch Goal #5: Six-Sadded, Die Video and 3D print Six-Sadded, Die

Our next stretch goal will be to give you guys some more of the great content you’ve come to know and love. As you now know, Strong Sad has been dabbling in board games and presented you all with the great walkthrough video of our game. It would be amazing to bring you guys more of his board game gameplay and review content. We’d like Strong Sad to give you his playtest review of the 90’s Boardelectrix hit ‘Don’t Make Daddy P.O.’d’!! Help us get to 12,000 backers so he can live his dreams!

Now the video is great, but that’s not all. Right here is a file that you can use to 3D print your own Six-Sadded, Die for all you makers out there. One has Strong Sad’s face protruding out of the die like in the intro to ‘Six-Sadded, Die’ and the other has them recessed into the die like all good pips. Enjoy! If you print one, you can send pictures to, and we’ll feature some of them in our next update.


We hope you all like these upgrades and will enjoy our new videos. Thank you for your continued support! We’re going to keep working hard for you to get you the best game and stuff we can give.

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

4th Stretch Goal
10 months ago – Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 11:31:17 PM

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

It’s been a crazy couple days, and we truly appreciate your admiration and support. We can’t wait for you all to actually get the play the game, but in the meantime, we’ve got more cool stretch goals to share with you.

Stretch Goal #4 - Homestar Character Meeples

A lot of people have been asking if it’s possible to bring any of the other Homestar characters into the game. Fortunately, you’re in luck! It’s something that we were thinking of doing anyway! Since great minds are similarly thinking similar things, we’re bringing you a set of all of the classic Homestar character meeples to be used just for fun! You can use them wherever you want in the game, but don’t let that stop you! You can also use these meeples in any other board game you may have that uses meeples too. You can add this set of character meeples to your pledge in BackerKit at an additional cost during the survey period. We can fulfill this goal by reaching 10,000 backers.

You guys have all been amazing, so we’re switching up our stretch goals a little. We hope you like what we’ve offered so far, but the future stretch goals will not be anything physical that you can buy or add to your pledge. All future stretch goals will be even more awesome than before, and they will involve us interacting with you all directly. Live draws? Puppet cosplay? Who knows! Keep spreading the word and supporting us to find out!

Keep on Burninating on, 

- Matt, Mike, and Maya